Monday, May 31, 2010

New Waterbirth Tub Coming!!!

I am so excited to announce that starting in July, I will be able to offer the Aquaborn Professional Waterbirth Tub to my clients - at no additional cost to them (except the cost of a disposable liner). I have wanted to be able to offer the option of waterbirth to all my clients for a long time, but it was cost inhibitive. I worked out a barter agreement with one of my clients and now I will have one. I just love doing trade! This pool is the deepest inflatable birth tub on the market and has 6 different handles to allow complete choice and freedom of movement. It also has a lid that helps keep the heat in and debris out!
Laboring and giving birth in water has been shown to reduce pain for mom and be more gentle for baby. Check out Waterbirth International for more info on waterbirth.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome Laura! Bartering is a great option, especially as prices continue to climb. I had SO wanted a waterbirth with my second child, but it went so fast we never finished filling it! The second time I didn't want my dh fussing over it when I wanted his attention (I was Queen for the day right? ;0) so I gave up on the idea, though I did appreciate laboring in water with my first!

Sarah said...