Monday, April 11, 2011

Potty Pail Review

I have cloth diapered for years. I love almost every aspect of it - the soft padded feeling of my baby's bum, the cute styles, saving money (lots of it too - I will have saved about $10,000 + by they time my little one potty trains), the convenience of never being out of diapers... What I have not loved is the toddler poop issues. Over the years, I have tried the diaper sprayer, just rolling it into the toilet, throwing it all in the washer and dunking. The diaper sprayer got the most off, but I always had over spray issues with it, no matter how much I adjusted the pressure. The other techniques weren't ideal either.
A couple months ago, I was introduced to the Potty Pail by a client who swore by it. I was intrigued. Essentially, it is a modified 5 gallon bucket that you can put on your toilet to rinse out poopy diapers. It seemed like a great solution to my poop issues, but since I was going to need the whole system (I had long since given my sprayer away), I didn't purchase it right away.
Finally, I decided to make the investment and I am so glad I did. This is by far the best cloth diapering investment I have ever made. When I have a poopy diaper, I place it in the pail and put the lid on it. When it is washing day, I rinse all the poopy diapers at once and into the washer they go. No more over spray issues because the pail prevents it.
It was well worth the investment!
Take a look!

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