Thursday, July 1, 2010

Treating tongue tie could help more babies breastfeed

This study just came out and confirms what most of us who are breastfeeding activists already knew. Clipping a tongue tied baby does help the breastfeeding relationship!

Two of my babies have been born tongue tied. My first was very severe and it prevented her from being able to nurse and get milk. We were in CA at the time and had a hard time finding a medical professional who believed that frenotomies were beneficial. Finally at a week old, we were able to get hers done. It was a short, simple procedure and she was able to nurse immediately afterward and my pain was greatly diminished.

My last baby was also born tongue tied. His was not as severe as my first's, but after two weeks of trying to ignore the pain and hope that his frenulum would stretch, we had his clipped as well. Once again, nursing was no longer painful.

Tongue ties tend to run in families (both my dad was and my husband is) and are more common among males.

Checking for tongue tie is one of the many things we check during the newborn exam, so if it is a problem, it can be taken care of quickly.

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