Saturday, May 23, 2009

Volunteerism in Midwifery Conference

Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending Mercy In Action's Volunteerism in Midwifery Conference in Boise, ID. It was a great experience, jam packed with information, wisdom and practice sessions. My big complaint was that I wish we had more time to learn and share!

I picked up three good midwife friends in Vegas (at the airport) on Wednesday, the 13th. Thursday, we did the road trip thing and had a blast. Friday and Saturday was the conference and Sunday we came home. Lots of driving packed into such a short time, but so worth it!

Enjoy some pics!

I spent a lot of time talking and gleaming wisdom from experienced midwives.

Learning about and practicing with the vacuum extractor. Not something to be used here in the States, but a great tool in the mission field.
IVs - it was good practice since it had been a year since I last did one.

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