Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quote from Midwifery Today Newsletter

I just received this in my email earlier this morning. I couldn't agree with it more.
My experience has been that if labour is allowed to progress normally, outcomes for mother and babies are better. This does not mean that existing complications of pregnancy or potential problems in pregnancy are not assessed and dealt with expeditiously.
I feel that all too often the introduction of prostins and oxytoxic preparations, stretching of the cervix and early rupture of the membranes are deployed for varying reasons.
Manual manipulation of the cervix to force it to full dilation often ends with cervical incompetence, cervical tears, arrested labour and retained placenta.
My theory relative to retention of the placenta is that because all the normal processes have occurred prematurely, the readiness of the placenta to be detached is delayed. I refer to this as placental embarassment, commonly called retained placentas.
— Movena Bowe-ClarkeNassau, BahamasExcerpted from "Cards and Letters," Midwifery Today, Issue 74

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